Dieting Vs. Lifestyle


So let us begin with fitness. Being ‘fit’ should mean being healthy and caring for your body. That is where we at Continental or cooked can help everyone, it is time for every Average Jo to receive to receive the Woah factor. Feeling good, looking good and not having to eat six meals of chicken and rice day in and day out, as lets face it… it isnt going to happen.

The aim is to challenge the contemporary ‘week juice diets’/ low carb/Atkins etc and find what works for you. That is something that is enjoyable, doesnt interefere with your life and quite frankly gets the resutls that you deserve.

Below on the left is a 30 day transformation that I performed.


Now here below is a competition I did a year later in Korea.


Now this is what happened a few weeks after the show…

Let’s just say noone is perfect and I certainly had my cake and ate it…. and that is why finding a diet is completely the wrong thing to do. Finding a lifestyle on the other hand is the right thing to do.



Me now after enjoying a good lifestyle change that lets me enjoy the foods I love to eat.

Need any help? Leave a message and I will do my best to get your best like I help some of my friends too.


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