21st Century Recovery

Different health experts have previously raised the concept of eating during the night to help raise your metabolic rate and help with recovery. I’ve tried it, not a huge fan, I love my sleep too much. Other methods include taking a warm bath with Epsom Salts to help the body absorb magnesium to ease the recovery process by relaxing the muscles. Other methods involve using cold baths, showers or even bath tubs full of ice to help the body recover faster as it reduces inflammation. Indeed, Saunas and steam rooms have a place. There are more advanced methods such as using breathing chambers, or even more traditional methods such as cupping, massages and acupuncture.

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The concept of massaging the muscles to improve recovery has changed over the course of time, with newer techniques being constantly developed, including trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage. Are these necessary? It can be argued that they help to improve blood to muscle and by doing so enhance fresh nutrients to the muscles and rid of waste products.  However, there are also many products that claim to help with recovery, from protein shakes to branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) and glutamine. It is common belief in the fitness industry that glutamine will help ease muscular soreness. But we can just get these from our diet; spinach for example contains ample quantities of glutamine. The point to be noted is that the main overall contributor to recovery is sleep. Although it is argued how many hours we need or can obtain, before you go investing in supplements to boost recovery or other methods, try to invest in your sleep, it doesn’t cost much!


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