Breaking the Fast – Breakfast

The stereotypical western breakfast, is it sitting down with the family having a glass of OJ, enjoying the paper with some toast and a selection of jams and cereals, or perhaps a fried breakfast? – continental or cooked?

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How times are changing in the fast-paced world, we barely have time to grab a coffee. However, you instantly regret consuming that liquid wake up call due to some digestive distress and a Usain Bolt to the bathroom. Maybe you should have consumed that small croissant you promised yourself when entering the café. Well, of course you didn’t, you are trying to lose weight, well you could have grabbed some fruit, but … that has sugars in it and they are bad, well so we are told. Okay well what about that yoghurt, there is a great selection, but I am lactose intolerant, but wait, you never have been tested, but the media says a lot of people are, so I assume I must be too. Okay then you could have grabbed a panini or some toast, or a small bagel, did you not know I am gluten intolerant? Well, nowadays it seems everyone is…(supermarkets love this, they get to sell you those more expensive oats and bread!)

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This may seem controversial, but if you wake up just five minutes earlier you could do something that could help your fat loss and muscle building goals. Just by grabbing a small bowl of cereal, you will find yourself hungrier than if you didn’t. Wait, what? So, I eat more food then I become hungrier, sounds like rubbish. Well, give it a try. From a ‘bro’ science perspective it helps rev-up that metabolism. But didn’t we already talk about meal frequency not really being required and intermittent fasting and …..Yes we did. It is certainly not for everyone, for most people they will find that they were consuming too FEW calories so actually eating something will help them. Others will find it will give them an energy boost so they can perform better (yes not everything diet related revolves around weight-loss and gain, sometimes you can consider caring for yourself). But the main thing to consider is, it will not work for everyone, but not everyone knows what will help them, so give it a try!

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