The Existence of the mysterious Superfood

In recent years people have become concerned with consuming superfoods. But what are they? Food in red capes. Superfoods are supposed to contain a wider range of vitamins, minerals or antioxidants compared to ‘normal food’. So you then by eating these will be able to help support the body’s needs and live longer. These foods include blueberries, beans, nuts (especially walnuts, Brazil nuts of Pistachios), Kale, Salmon and even Sweet Potato. Sounds suspiciously driven by the media. #foodconspiracy-story

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But are we missing out on other ‘non-traditional’ superfoods?

What about foods such as whole free range eggs, grass-fed butter, whole milk and even chicken thighs? Sounds like a lot of cholesterol and a lot of fat. Have you ever cracked a caged-hen’s egg and compared it to a free-range egg? The difference is actually quite substantial, you should be able to notice a stronger yellow-orange glow in the free range egg, whereas the caged-egg will appear to have a dull yellow appearance in the yolk. Well, it could be argued that it does not matter, however, free range eggs will have higher amounts of vitamin A, D, E, beta carotene and Omega 3 fats than caged eggs. They will also have less saturated fat and cholesterol. So if you can afford it, make the jump to free range eggs, don’t break the bank, just break the right egg (sorry bad pun).

So next up on the list; grass-fed butter. In summary there will normally be two types of butter, either from grass-fed or grain-fed cows. But why do I care no-one actually cooks in butter there is too much fat and so much saturated fat, I will just use Olive Oil. Well, that is the first mistake, Olive Oil has a low smoke point so when cooked, can release toxins, now that doesn’t sound good does it? However that is not to say that olive oil is not fantastic when thrown in with your salads, but maybe avoid it next time when frying your steak.

So anyway if you have been trying to lose weight you may be familiar with the product CLA. It stands for ‘conjugated linoleic acid’, just in case you wanted to know, I know you didnt and has been proven to be beneficial to fat loss. Well guess what grass-fed butter has a lot of … yes the award for pointing out the obvious goes to ….’insert name’.

On a serious note though, grass-fed butter has CLA and this helps burn fat, but also saturated fat and this can make me fat? Hold up sherlock, bare with me, just because it contains saturated fat does not make it bad, try to not listen to the media-hype every time they re-release every diet article – saying this week, eggs are bad for you and the next, well yep you guessed it. Also how do you think you build muscle, saturated fat is not always bad for you, you need the cholesterol in the fatty foods!

This arguement is similar for whole milk, whole Greek yoghurt, whole cottage cheese and also Chicken thighs. Also on another point Chicken thighs taste so much better than chicken breasts and you can probably save some money along the way, so stop avoiding them! Try to think of it this way, imagine you lived on a farm and you grew the freshest vegetables, the freshest fruit and reared animals of all types of varieties who could eat from the grass and roam as they pleased. Now next you compared the fitnessand health, both inside the body and out against someone who bought all these foods from a store. #broscience-alert. The food from the supermarket would not be as fresh, the meat was from grain-fed animals, also the person ate only the egg whites, chicken breasts and low-fat food. Don’t you believe the person who ate all the fresh food from the farm would have a better body composition? Want to be like superman you need to eat the real superfood, not the one the media decided to sell to you.


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