Getting your PhD in Pharmacology…

So you want to save some money and make your own pre-workout and fat burner?

We don’t need to necessarily buy a pre-workout and ingest all of the additives. For example, citrulline (a common ingredient in pre-workouts) used to increase blood flow can be found in watermelon. The most common ingredient in pre-workouts is caffeine and you can easily obtain that from a coffee or two. Other pre-workouts may include ‘hydration matrixes’ but realistically it is just a fancy way of saying ‘includes coconut’ for the electrolytes. With these items alone you could make a pretty good pre-workout concoction and save yourself some money in the long-run.

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Indeed, the same type of issue is raised with weight loss tablets and thermogenic supplements (they are used to raise the body’s core temperature and by doing so cause a higher degree of calories to be used). Most of the ingredients in different brands are very similar and just contain varied amounts of caffeine, green tea and l-carnitine (which can be purchased for higher doses at lower prices separately). Normally fat burners like pre-workouts will contain around 200mg of caffeine, about the size of three coffees, which is used to raise your heart rate, make you more alert and by temporarily stimulating your nervous system provides more energy.

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However, this new-found energy from the tablets and powders is short-lived as your body will soon adapt to the volume of caffeine and will require higher doses to have an effect. Fat-burners may also contain water manipulating items such as dandelion root which is used to expel water out of the body. These types of items are normally reserved for the end of dieting for a fitness competition to help dispel the last parts of water from the body and appear ‘dry’ on stage for the muscles to be clearly visible. However, when used in weight loss tablets, perhaps not always true, but can be used to mimic (or cheat the view) of successful weight loss to the customer. However this ‘weight loss’ is most likely water weight, which is why you gain weight quickly after stopping taking the supplement. So, everyone who takes the tablets will be able to lose those 5-10 pounds in a few weeks which they are promised in the advertisements.

But, the take-home message from this is to be careful when you purchase these supplements. We are not saying that they do not work, personally we are a big advocate of L-Carnitine and coupled with arginine or l-citrulline is great for blood flow within the body. However some of these supplement companies are here to grab your money so give making your own a try using the ingredients instead!





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