Science Vs Bro-Science – competition time

Science Vs Bro-Science – competition time

Currently I am dieting for the Amateur Olympia 2018. I feel drained most of the time and if I some up my current diet it is most likely based on ‘Bro-Science’. I am eating the traditional egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast followed by chicken and guess what rice and broccoli. Although this goes against what I preach and that calories are the most important thing and you can eat what you want; as an experiment I wanted to again see first-hand what a high protein bro’-science diet would do to my body.

Firstly, what really is a bro-science diet?

Well it is that you typically follow 6 meals a day, with a low level of sugar and your carbohydrates will come from either oatmeal, rice or potato (this is white rice and not the traditional brown rice, I stay away from brown rice due to improved digestion and absorption that I feel with white rice – I don’t feel constantly bloated). For breakfast it is the typical coffee, oats and egg whites routine which to be honest is my favorite meal and I try to savor it as much as possible as my other meals in all honesty suck. If I had more time available, I would try to grill my chicken breast and not boil it, but I barely have time to cook and eat before investing in some quality sleep.

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The whole point of my experiment was to keep my calories high and at the same rate and not really alter them and see what happens. Do calories in vs calories out always matter?

So far from my ten-week diet my weight has not really changed. As you close-in on a competition this can really play havoc with your mind as surely no change in weight means no improvement, right? – Wrong. From photos which I take weekly I can see that my body composition has improved, my waist in measurement has not really got smaller but am getting more vascular and striations are showing on the muscles.

Last year I followed a broader diet of a mixture of carbohydrates (including fruit), protein and very low fat – protein sources from white fish, chicken and egg whites. This coupled with heavy cardio and around 1800 calories daily made me look like a string-bean and I could barely climb stairs- I even did not want to go out as I knew I had to climb the stairs at the subway station, which at the time seemed like Mt. Everest. Other examples include not being able to sleep as my brain would wake me up due to low-blood sugar levels. So, from around 3 am I would be searching on Amazon trying to see what I would buy after the competition for myself.


So currently If I calculate my calories I am on about 2800 calories (about 1000 more than last year) but let me add that calories are not the main-focus. Following a very ‘clean’ and traditional’ bodybuilding plan is the main goal. With relatively low cardio I have reached near enough the same level of body fat as last year and don’t feel like I am dying on the inside. I am having slightly more dietary fat from a steak a day and in all honesty the bro-science version is working. My body is hardening up- (I am talking about abs etc. – nothing else!)

So far, my take home has been from this experiment, don’t forget what worked for many bodybuilders in the past, there is a reason why the broccoli, egg whites, chicken and rice type diet is well-known, it does work. Also dont became a slave all the time, to counting calories, they are important, but by making right choices you can still make protgress – this does not always mean reducing weight on the scale! However, if I was not competing I would not recommend this style as it is not really something personally and for many others realistic to consistently follow year-round. But, if you want to change your body composition and you have around 12 weeks spare, give it a try, it does work!

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