The past three months, my sole focus has been on competing in the UK Amateur Olympia. This is the first time I would cross-over to do Men’s Physique and also Men’s Bodybuilding in the same day.

In all it was really enjoyable day, but to be honest I enjoyed the dieting progress more I never in a million years thought I would say that. I really like to challenge myself and having to wake up at 3:50 to fit in breakfast and cardio before travelling to work to then come home at about 7 and hit the gym again for another session is tough. Realistically the process requires sacrifice, this time mine was my social life. I’m not saying this applies to everyone or is something you need to do but for three months I literally did nothing except training and repeating this process. I would say the classic ‘eat, sleep and train’ but I really didn’t get much sleep and …I was dieitng so not so much on the eating….

Was I happy with my outcome?

ummm… I thought I did well but I could have done much better. The last week or so was tough, which is where it is really helpful to have a girlfriend or significant other help you with the finer things. Still working on this part (downsides of no social life). For me, I needed to get my posing music put on a CD for the show (not sure why a USB or emailed file wouldnt be okay). I edited my tracks to put them together and bought a CD burner, to find out it didn’t work. I panicked trying to find anywhere with a CD drive just so that I could prepare the music. I think I walked into every internet cafe within a 5 mile radius to be refused. On top of this the shorts I bought online didn’t fit (lesson learned for future). I would have pruchased them further away from the show, but was unsure of what waist I would be and didn’t want to buy them too early. Bit of a mistake on my part. So I also spent my time searching the net and walking into random stores to try to find board shorts in October. As funnily enough its no longer summer, barely any stores had shorts and if they did, I was left with the XXXXXXXXXXL that they couldn’t sell in summer. On top of this I forgot about travelling with my food and that there wouldnt be a fridge in my hotel room. Another mistake if travelling with salmon and steak…So I was roaming the high street trying to find cooler bags, again its not summer and it wasn’t so easy. ……..When I did find it I was charged the same amount as a small some of gold, but I couldn’t really complain as I needed it….that was definitely my fault on the planning side.

So I travel to the city where the show will be the day before. Note to self, do not touch the bed sheets in the hotel after being tanned. I thought I was really careful, I laid towels down on my bed so I wouldnt touch the sheets, however without thinking I must have sat on the bed, leaving lovely stains on the sheets. First thing I do, put the socks back on my hands (where they should have been the whole time) , take off the bed sheets in the hotel and turn them inside out (not advising that this is the most noble way to handle the situation).

On the show day everything was going to plan. One minor problem was that I forgot my combination that had been set on my travel case. So had some little frantic episodes trying to open my case to get my pop-tarts before pre-judging. Again, just something you don;t want to have to think about on the day.

Overall not bad, just a few steps away from the real Mr.Olympia for the moment…


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