Taking Juice

There are vast varieties of juices including fruits and vegetables. For many it is seen as a fast way to gain adipose tissue and increase the storage of your fat cells due to the large quantities of sugars found in most juices. Of course, the way to avoid this is to purchase juices not from concentrate and with no added sugar, but the prices for these will in most cases be slightly higher. In this case though, the minor increase in expenditure can save you a much higher increase in fat storage.

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Obviously, it can be argued that eating whole fruit is much better than drinking juice. This of course is true as you are getting the vitamins and minerals from the original source and owing to your body needing to digest and breakdown the foods (unlike juices) there will be a slight increase in metabolic activity from eating the fruits (not to mention they will keep you more satiated for longer)

However, on the flip side, if you are ‘bulking’ and struggle eating those extra calories, juice does have a time and a place. In addition, other times of the day where you require a fast increase in insulin and energy, such as potentially post workout periods or upon waking, juices will be most beneficial due to the faster uptake of the sugars. This is because they require far less digestion than fruits.

So which juices are the most beneficial?

From the many different types available there are two juices that stand out. The first, orange juice. Oranges are useful as they contain fructose that will help stimulate the liver. In addition, they contain high quantities of vitamin C that is not only immune boosting but can reduce cortisol the infamous stress hormone. Post workout this is very beneficial as cortisol levels will be raised. Also, fructose can help increase your appetite which again is very useful if you are struggling to get the calories in during your growth phases.

Another beneficial juice is cranberry. Cranberry juice contains Iodine which helps stimulate production of the thyroid hormone. For those who are unaware the thyroid plays a very big part in fat loss and efficient running of the body (you can easily notice this by monitoring your body temperature as it will help keep you warm). Also, you should know, your body cannot produce Iodine, so go buy some cranberry juice.

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