Meal Plan 1 – Fat Loss


To lose fat we need to lose calories, so ideally we need to eat less calories than we need. Before we start we need to know like the saying goes ‘there is more than one way to skin a cat’, for example low carbohydrate diets, high protein (Carnivore diets), juice diets, flexible dieting (IIFYM, eating foods if it fits your macronutrient requirements – still can eat chocolate cake), low sugar diets and even low protein diets and fruit diets.

Firstly we could calculate our required calories, but for those who, let’s be honest can’t be bothered and want everything on plate given to them (nice diet joke) we can provide meal plans based on the recommended allowances for Men and Women.

Recommended Daily Calories:

  • Men 2500 Calories
  • Women 2000 Calories

As mentioned in the title page for weight loss we need eat around 3-500 calories less than needed to lose weight.

So using some very basic maths – Men need to eat 2000-2200 calories daily and Women need to eat around 1500- 1700 calories. I always feel the best diet is the one that you follow. So this is the best part. I strongly advise, preach, persuade (insert more verbs here of the same meaning) for all people starting a diet/ healthy lifestyle to eat whatever they want and simply follow a calorie controlled diet. So they can eat fast-food/ cake/ chicken/ salads/ drink wine…. as long as it stays around that number daily. It is also advised to not go too far below that number as this may negatively affect your metabolism later – so DO NOT EAT TOO LITTLE as this can have negative effects.

But isn’t that style of eating unhealthy?

Well, is eating chicken, broccoli and rice for every meal healthy either? Variety has many benefits for the digestive system to absorb nutritents, plus the less you stress over your diet the more you can relax and still be social and eat out with friends. The less you stress the faster you can get results.  Simply download a dieting calorie counting app on your phone and record everything and you are good to go!

But what if I don’t have a phone? – I don’t believe you……

Okay, well what if I can’t be bothered to actually calculate this on my phone?

….. This is why some of us, including myself need everything given to us on a plate.

An easy diet to follow, would be dividing your calories into three main meals. So for men that is around 700 calories per meal and 500 calories for women. So when choosing your food at the restaurant, whether in McDonalds or getting lovely steak dinner, just make sure everything is around that amount of calories!

Sounds too simple…..

Simple doesn’t always mean wrong. This is losing weight, you can make it more complicated, which is fantastic, but this doesn’t always guarantee you faster results.

Example diets


  1. 2 slices of toast and 2 eggs
  2. Medium bowl of cereal with 2 percent milk and small glass of juice
  3. Small bowl of granola and yoghurt mixed with berries
  4. Pot of oatmeal and a banana
  5. 2 flap jack granola bars and yoghurt
  6. Protein shake, cottage cheese and jam mix (this is delicious)
  7. Weetabix, berries and banana in 2 percent milk



  1. Supermarket sandwich (not foot long!) and piece of fruit/ bag of chips (crisps)/ very small bag on nuts
  2. McDonalds hamburger and diet soda/ juice/ milk (no fries)
  3. Salad (without creamy sauces) with sandwich meat
  4. Baked potato and Tuna
  5. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich (not too much peanut butter) with a piece of fruit



  • the main point of this is understanding that at this stage, you are A. most likely tired from work, B. getting ready to go out or C. maybe have prepared some food in advance – don’t worry we cover all three!
  1. Microwave Meal (Choose wisely, they can be convenient and not all bad – speculate to accumulate, healthy lifestyle is about making the best choice, when you come home from work it is better and cheaper than getting a large take out!!!)
  2. Pasta Bake (Pasta, cheese and tuna (with chopped meats of choice such as sausages) – prepare a large dish and eat throughout the week
  3. Tagliatelle Con Fungi (Italian dish – pasta mixed with mushrooms and sandwich meats and mix with a low fat cream sauce – it is incredibly easy to prepare)
  4. Prawn and Avocado Salad (Cook some prawns and cut open half an avocado, mix the prawns and pour on some low fat mayonnaise with a dash of black pepper and you are good to go!)
  5. Cereal Bowl (My favourite when you cannot be bothered to cook, get some Honey Loops, Weetabix and maybe some Frosted Flake cereal, mix and enjoy).
  6. Half a subway sandwich – eat the other half for lunch



This page will constantly be edited, so check back for more!

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