My Current Bulking Routine

The one thing that I took away from my last competition is that I lacked muscular size. Like many people out there, this a problem so thought I would share it. My main goal is to gain strength and progress in my lifts each and every week via basic lifts. If I don’t get stronger, then I am either:

  1. Not working hard enough
  2. Not Sleeping enough
  3. Not Eating Enough
  4. Perhaps may need to alternate the exercise choice and come back to it later (e.g switch bench press to incline press)


The key is to monitor your progress and write it down every week as well as how much you are eating and sleeping and monitor changes so you can adjust accordingly.

So let’s get down to it!

Every week we are aiming to increase the weight by which we last used by at least 2.5kg. It may not seem like a lot, but if we do this workout consistently every week for at least 12 weeks we are looking at an increase in all lifts by around 25kg! Whereas there will be people in the gym lifting the same weight year after year, wondering why they are not progressing! If you are pressed for time or feeling that you are not recovering fast enough, then eliminate Day 4 for the week and focus on Day 1-3


Day 1 

a. 4 (Sets) squats 6-8 (Repetitions)

b. 4 leg press 6-8

c. 3 Barbell hip thrust 6-8

d. Wide and high Leg press or Lying Dumbbell leg Curls (I prefer this to the machine)


Day 2

a. 5 bench press 6-10

b. 5 incline dumbbell bench press 6-10


Day 3

a. 5 Barbell row 6-8

b. 5 Deadlift 6-8


Day 4

a. 5 Rack Clean and Press (start from mid torso level on the rack and clean and press from shoulders) 5

b. 5 Shrugs 6-8

c. 5 Chinup (bicep focus) 3-5

d. 5 Close grip bench press 3-5



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