The Simple Meal Plan

Food is a key element in altering your body composition. But many of us are busy and just want to follow a simple diet that will get them fairly good results. This is my personal favourite diet that averages around 2400-2700 calories with a good macro-nutrient distribution.


The simple diet:


  1. 3-4 eggs, cup of oatmeal, piece of fruit
  2. Light snack (handful of nuts and piece of fruit)
  3. Lunch: 1-2 Chicken breasts, serving of rice/ potatoes and large salad
  4. Light snack (handful of nuts and piece of fruit)
  5. Large Steak and salad
  6. protein shake/ cottage cheese


The best thing about this diet is it is reasonably affordable, you can still follow this plan with little to no planning and buy things at a small store by your work and best of all it will get you good results and lead to healthy lifestyle!

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