So let us begin with fitness. Being ‘fit’ should mean being healthy and caring for your body. That is where we at continentalorcooked can help everyone, it is time for every Average Joe to receive the wow factor. Feeling good, looking good and not having to eat six meals of chicken and rice day in and day out, as lets face it… isn’t going to happen.

Our aim is to challenge the concept of the contemporary ‘one week juice diets’/ low carb/Atkins etc and find what works for you. That is something in finding a lifestyle that is enjoyable, doesn’t interefere with your life and quite frankly gets the results that you deserve.

Here is a 30 day transformation that I performed.


This shows that it is defintely possible to lose some weight in a relatively short amount of time and build some mucle, although this is always claimed to be impossible.


Above is a competition I did a year later in Korea.  However, I have to admit I felt incredibly drained and constantly hungry, I was waking up at 3 or 4 am starving and dreaming of food and had after the competition I faced real difficulties with eating for 6 months. Within two weeks I after the show I gained 10kg – none of this was muscle. In fact after trying to get rid of this fat I ended up losing muscle due to destroying my metabolism. I was a walking eating machine.

Let’s just say noone is perfect and I certainly had my cake and ate it…. and that is why finding a diet is completely the wrong thing to do. Finding a lifestyle on the other hand is the right thing to do. It is clear how my stomach appears bloated and you cannot see any more definiton in the stomach. Remember this is just about two weeks difference between the photo above.


I re-started with what I should have been doing in the first place. I tried a more relaxed approach and tried enjoying the process a lot more.  This was instead of rushing to attain something which causes more stress on the body than is required and will in the end lead to negative results. Below is me re-starting my approach to food whilst lacking any motivation at all to train. I realised I liked eating what I wanted.


These pictures are of me a few months later enjoying a good lifestyle change that lets me enjoy the things I still like to eat in my life.

Need any help? Leave a message and I will do my best to get your best, like I help some of my friends too.


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